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Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development
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The Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development is designed to support the State of Iowa in its efforts to continue to attract and nurture wind energy and related industries.  The Midwest in general, and Iowa in particular, is uniquely positioned to respond to the need for renewable energy and to take advantage of the opportunity in this growth industry.  Iowa is at the heart of the nation’s wind resource and the gateway to renewable energy demand.  The combination of supportive renewable energy policies, logistic and supply chain efficiencies, competitive business climate and heritage of manufacturing excellence has lead to an active and growing wind energy industry in Iowa. The key elements in future growth is the combination of the available wind resource for new wind farms and the increasing demand for renewable electric production.

The Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development is a partnership with state and local governments, the community colleges, universities, the private sector, associations and community organizations, and the federal government.  This state-wide effort helps coordinate the breadth of activities and capabilities in research and education taking place within the state, and catalyze activities designed to meet the research, training, and testing needs of the rapidly expanding wind energy industry.

The collective capabilities of Iowa in key areas of wind energy include:

  • Basic and applied research and technology transfer in support of location, design, manufacturing, control, data acquisition and monitoring, construction and operations of wind power devices and facilities
  • Training and education focused on wind power including programs at the community colleges, at universities in undergraduate and graduate studies, and continuing education for industry.
  • Testing facilities for certification, testing, and design of key wind power components (e.g., gear boxes, blades, structures)
  • Policies and actions that support the demand for renewable energy. The demand for wind energy is closely linked to state and national energy policies, which are calling for an increasing contribution from renewable energy.  Meeting the goals for renewable energy requires a growing contribution from wind energy.

IAWIND encourages interaction among the various partners interested in wind energy and to help forge new alliances and activities to better meet the needs of wind energy.  For more information and discussion, please contact us at fred-streicher@uiowa.edu.