Energizing Iowa
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Mechanical Engineering, Gearbox, Gears and Drive Train

Testing Facilities

Iowa State University
The University of Iowa
University of Northern Iowa

Iowa State University

    • Aerodynamic/atmospheric boundary layer wind and gust tunnel
    • Tornado/microburst simulator
    • Health monitoring and inspection
    • Micro-mechanics and composite structure testing laboratory
    • Experimental tools for damage evolution and fatigue lifecycle estimates
    • Anechoic chamber for noise testing and mitigation
    • Computational tools for aerodynamics design performance and simulation
    • Gear train noise and vibration measurements, modeling, and reduction strategies; spectral content of gear meshing and harmonics; influence of drive train component misalignment
    • Evaluating new markets; integrating wind power with the hydrogen/ammonia economy (conversion and storage); compressed air storage, wind generator performance models; site and wind resource assessment; data acquisition systems for monitoring performance; evaluating performance of compared to rated/installed capacity; Evaluating losses in individual components; case studies (economics, feasibility, performance, environmental impact); alternate technologies
    • Biorenewables Institute (140 faculty, $37 million per year in research)
    • Virtual Reality Applications Center ($20 million per year)
    • Center for Building Energy Research (renewable energy technology including active and passive solar energy, geothermal, the hydrogen and ammonia economy, green buildings, and wind energy)
    • Industrial Assessment Center (Department of Energy program for energy efficiency